Sylvia Cabral has made more than 50 people millionaires by helping them buy land thru the subdivision processes.

Sylvia Cabral Realty has been in the  real estate business since 1977.

She continues  selling real estate in Maui, Oahu & the Big Island, Molokai and Lanai

Sylvia Cabral is proficient in subdividing land. The two largest projects that she  completed were the subdivision of 220 acres on Awalau Road into 22 parcels. That project took six years. She completed the subdivision of 110 acres in Kanaio into 10 parcels.    That project took 20 years.

Those projects required almost daily correspondences with attorneys, surveyors, county and state inspectors, every building department, multiple owners, their families, investors and more.

Real Estate is still the best investment today!

How to become rich in real estate.

How to become wealthy in real estate